Computer Powered Hand Held Massager

Computer powered massagerThe Sirius Computer Powered Hand Held Massager: Here's a massager that works a little different - it's computer powered! This is the official stuff:
"At home or at the office, even while traveling, now you can get a massage almost anywhere there's a computer with the brand new USB Massager. That's right, just plug it into any USB Port on a computer, turn the vibration on and feel the stress in the muscles in your shoulders, arms and hands relax. Ease your daily stress and tension away by using the USB hand held personal massager anytime you're working at a computer."

A bloke, James, who tried it out said:

"I bought one of these because it always seems that when I am at my computer, I am really stressed. Well now I just plug it into the available USB port, and stick it on my taint, and my troubles and stress (along with a squirt or two of bodily fluid) just wash away."

No idea what he's on about but for more info on the Sirius Computer Powered Hand Held Massager please click here.


Crotchless French Knickers

Crotchless French KnickersToday we have Crotchless French Knickers!

The official description is: "Can you say Ooh la la. These French inspired boy-style knickers are just the cutest panties ever. The delicate wide lace yoke rides low on the body and is joined at the back by sexy pink ribbon lacing. The big surprise is the split crotch that offers ultimate freedom and comfort."

But one user of these French Knickers wrote: "These were the first crotchless panties I'd ever tried. And it felt different to expose so much of my cheeks in the back (as compared to other boy-cut shorts I had worn). But it was definitely the feeling of openness in the front - that made me feel the sexiest!

I wore these to bed one evening along with a matching-color camisole on top. And even though these knickers made me more accessible (which was wonderful during our warm up), I still removed them (out of habit) when things got more passionate!

For more general usage, I could easily see myself wearing these under my dress or skirt - when dining out with my husband (as a tease). But I'd probably want to consider getting a more thorough waxing first!"

So there you go!

For more information: Crotchless French Knickers

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Star Trek The Next Generation Uniform

Star Trek The Next Generation UniformWhether for fancy dress, party time or whatever this Star Trek The Next Generation Uniform Jumpsuit is the real thing. Well it's officially licensed and has the silk-screened emblem. Just another unusual item from Amazon.

The Star Trek jumpsuit comes in three colors: Red (Command), Teal (Science/Medical) and Gold (Engineering) as per the photo on the left.

There are also three sizes: Small Medium and Large for men and women.

For more information: Star Trek The Next Generation Uniform Jumpsuit

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Ejaculoid: The Semen & Orgasm Volumizer

This unusual item from Amazon is Ejaculoid.

So what is it? These are the 'official' details in brief:

Ejaculoid is the strongest non-prescription semen volumizer available. It helps increase semen volume while also helping to get your libido back. Taking ejaculoid evenly throughout the day will help to ensure steady semen production, libido, and energy.

That seems to explain it! For more info click on EjaculoidClick for more info on Ejaculoid


Doc Johnson Silent Vibrations Vibrator

Vibrator Doc Johnson Silent VibrationsNever expected to find this on Amazon but here it is: The Doc Johnson Silent Vibrations. It's a vibrator for, erm, personal use. A sex toy in other words.

This is what one lady had to say about her purchase, "This Doc Johnson Silent Vibrations Vibrator is definitely the strong, silent type, but it's BIG as well. If this is what you're looking for, you'll be happy. Otherwise, you'll find its uses more limited, as I did."

The lady who wrote the review has also made a video showing the size etc. of this vibrator.

You'll find all of the inofmation and the video on this link: Doc Johnson Silent Vibrations


Vaginal Speculums In Three Sizes

Caginal Speculums Well this is a Vaginal Speculum and comes in three sizes: small, medium and large.

One of the Amazon reviewers write the following: "I ordered the vaginal speculum medium size and was very I happy i did, as it is fairly large. I can't imagine how big the marketed large size would be. It's of very good quality, and I have boiled it several times without noticing any type of wear or tear. I would say the medium size most resembles what would be used at your ob/gyn (as a general reference)."

More information on the Vaginal Speculum

Spotted Dick - The Perfect Pudding

Spotted DickThis unusual Amazon item is the classic English Pudding with the unusual name and it's delicious!

A perfect sponge style pudding with raisins and spices, traditionally served with custard.

The pudding used to take ages to make as it had to be steamed for hours but now it can all be done by microwave cooking in just a few minutes.

For further Spotted Dick Information

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Fishnet Bodystocking With Open Crotch

fishnet bodystocking with open crotchHere's an item from the Amazon lingerie range.

This is a fishnet bodystocking with a halter top and open crotch

It is bound to turn any man (or woman) on. Here's what one woman said:

"My new husband on our honeymoon loved it! His eyes got as big as watermelons when I came out in this and he started to sweat above his brow. It was a real hit. I recommend it!"

And another recommendation:

"I didn't expect much for this price ($9.99). But these are surprisingly well made and endured a weekend of, um, vigorous exercise. The elasticity ensures they will fit almost anybody. A very sexy look."

Full info here


Gas Mask With Standard NATO Filter

They say you should always be prepared so what about a Belgian Gas Mask with a Standard NATO Filter. Never know when it might come in handy!

The gas mask is light weight and specially designed for extended use with superior comfort, secure fit, impermeable rubber material for high resistance to NBC agents. And it comes supplied woth one NBC filter canister.

Tempted? For more information:
Belgian Gas Mask


Art of Oral Sex

art of oral sexThis book, Art of Oral Sex, is about bringing your partner to new heights of pleasure.

As their editorial says there is no right or wrong way to have an orgasm and in many places oral sex is thought of as an erotic art.

The book has 30 full color photos helping to explain why some people consider oral sex to be even more intimate than full intercourse.

Master the art of oral sex with the help of this book.

For full details of this excellent book:
Art of Oral Sex