Gas Mask With Standard NATO Filter

They say you should always be prepared so what about a Belgian Gas Mask with a Standard NATO Filter. Never know when it might come in handy!

The gas mask is light weight and specially designed for extended use with superior comfort, secure fit, impermeable rubber material for high resistance to NBC agents. And it comes supplied woth one NBC filter canister.

Tempted? For more information:
Belgian Gas Mask


Art of Oral Sex

art of oral sexThis book, Art of Oral Sex, is about bringing your partner to new heights of pleasure.

As their editorial says there is no right or wrong way to have an orgasm and in many places oral sex is thought of as an erotic art.

The book has 30 full color photos helping to explain why some people consider oral sex to be even more intimate than full intercourse.

Master the art of oral sex with the help of this book.

For full details of this excellent book:
Art of Oral Sex


Color Your Pubic Hair

Color For Pubic Hair
Pubic hair color
Introducing the first safe color specially formulated for the hair down there - pubic hair that is. Colors naturally, covers gray and enhances to match your glorious locks above.

So when you color your hair don't forget to color your hair down there!

For more information:
Color For The Hair Down There!

A Gamblers Mustache

Gambler self adhesive mustacheHow about a Gambler Mustache as a final touch to your cowboy costume. It's self adhesive so is easy to use and some say it's comfortable to wear.

What more could a cowboy or a gambler want? The hat and shirt aren't included, but what do you expect for only $1.99.

More information: Gambler Mustache


Breast Enhancement Pump

The title for this Amazon item is the 'Women's Dual Breast Enhancement Exerciser Pump.' It's used for - well, it may make the breasts larger. It enhances them. Here's the official guff:

"This dual breast exerciser is the latest in female enhancement. The hand pump give you complete control, and the cups have an airtight rim and measuring mark so you can see the progress."

For more information (and enhanced breasts!):
Breast Enhancement Pump

Your Very Own Tank!

JL421 Badonkadonk Land Cruiser/Tank
JL421 Badonkadonk Land Cruiser/Tank
How's this for a weird item from Amazon - your very own tank!

Here's the start of the description ...

"The JL421 Badonkadonk is a completely unique, extremely rare land vehicle and battle tank. Designed with versatility in mind, the Donk can transport cargo or a crew of five internally or on the roof, and can be piloted from within the armored shell or from an exposed standing position through the hatch, thanks to special one-way steel mesh armor windows and a control stick that pivots up and down to allow piloting from the standing or seated positions."

For full info and details:
JL421 Badonkadonk Land Cruiser/Tank

How can anyone resist such an offer!

The Donk at night
Badonkadonk tank at night


Inflatable Bondage Chair

Inflatable Bondage ChairAnd today for you we have an Inflatable Bondage Chair! The title says it all but as one reviewer wrote:

"Having a 'thing' for inflatable goods, my funny little honey and I decided to give this thing a whirl. So I'm just gonna strap myself in whilst milady breaks out her fave festive accoutrements...

Anyhoo, there's no need for handcuffs with this, 'cuz it has adjustable velcro straps - crackkkkk!"

For more info just crack - sorry, click here


Attachable Nipples For The Extra Perky Look

pierced nippleToday we have for you Pierced Attachable Nipples. Something no girl should be without for that extra-perky nipple look!

This is the description:

"The Pierced Attachable Nipples offer not just realistic details, but one of the nipples in the pair is pierced for that ultra sexy, ultra-bold look!

Get pierced nipples without the risk, pain, or commitment of actually piercing your own body with this totally unique item.

These nipples also provide the extra-protrusion, extra-perky nipple look. Available in size small (1 5/8" areola area) or size large (2" areola area). SOLD IN PAIRS (one nipple is pierced, the other isn't). Choice of jewelry color; nipples are a realistic beige."

More info: Pierced Attachable Nipples

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Includes things like nipple chains, nipple pumps, nipple rings, suction personal vacuum enhancement pump etc.


Ten Unusual And Weird Things Found On Amazon

These are just a few of the unusal, weird and strange things found on Amazon.

The Celebrity Black Book 2008:
Over 55,000 Accurate Celebrity Addresses

744 pages with all of those celebrity addresses that you are looking for. Who would you contact?

g-string thongSilk Micro G-String Thong Rings

These teeny, tiny thongs are made of 100% Silk Knit. Micro G-string pantie with silver tone ring hardware in front and back. Elastic waistband for comfort.

Destiny said, "These are really HOT! The silk is so smooth, and the cut is just too much. My boyfriend got one look at these and ... lets just say that they had a very immediate and desirable effect."

Uranium Ore
Radioactive sample of uranium ore. Useful for testing Geiger Counters. License exempt. Uranium ore sample sizes vary.

Four Bottles Liquid Ass Fart Spray
Liquid ASS is an overwhelming, stinky, funny prank product. Once unleashed, this power packed, super concentrated liquid begins to evaporate filling the air with a genuine, foul butt crack smell with hints of dead animal and fresh poo.

Wedding Chapel - 10 x 18 With Wood Roof
Great for a church service getaway wedding chapel or for any other experience you may want to remember.

UFO detectorUFO Detector
See the photo on the right. Get detecting!

Heinz Spotted Dick Pudding, 10-Ounce Cans (Pack of 6)
One of the UK's favorite puddings. Microwave or steam for a delicious taste.

Artificial Insemination Kit
This kit is for the collection of semen and the insemination of the female.

Inflatable wifeInflatable Wife
Inflatable Wife! Low Maintenance Partner For A Stress Free, Easy Life!

Spiderman Pet Costume
Your dog will love this costume, especially when going to a party.