Attachable Nipples For The Extra Perky Look

pierced nippleToday we have for you Pierced Attachable Nipples. Something no girl should be without for that extra-perky nipple look!

This is the description:

"The Pierced Attachable Nipples offer not just realistic details, but one of the nipples in the pair is pierced for that ultra sexy, ultra-bold look!

Get pierced nipples without the risk, pain, or commitment of actually piercing your own body with this totally unique item.

These nipples also provide the extra-protrusion, extra-perky nipple look. Available in size small (1 5/8" areola area) or size large (2" areola area). SOLD IN PAIRS (one nipple is pierced, the other isn't). Choice of jewelry color; nipples are a realistic beige."

More info: Pierced Attachable Nipples

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Includes things like nipple chains, nipple pumps, nipple rings, suction personal vacuum enhancement pump etc.

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