Computer Powered Hand Held Massager

Computer powered massagerThe Sirius Computer Powered Hand Held Massager: Here's a massager that works a little different - it's computer powered! This is the official stuff:
"At home or at the office, even while traveling, now you can get a massage almost anywhere there's a computer with the brand new USB Massager. That's right, just plug it into any USB Port on a computer, turn the vibration on and feel the stress in the muscles in your shoulders, arms and hands relax. Ease your daily stress and tension away by using the USB hand held personal massager anytime you're working at a computer."

A bloke, James, who tried it out said:

"I bought one of these because it always seems that when I am at my computer, I am really stressed. Well now I just plug it into the available USB port, and stick it on my taint, and my troubles and stress (along with a squirt or two of bodily fluid) just wash away."

No idea what he's on about but for more info on the Sirius Computer Powered Hand Held Massager please click here.

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